Hi Karen. Thank you so much for stopping by the Giorgio Armani counter, it was such a pleasure meeting you and helping you.  Here is a quick guide to help you with your Armani products that you purchased and recommendations of the products we tried during your session.  I hope this tool helps and of course, please let me know if you have any questions.  

Skin Care

Skincare of your choice:: Apply your favorite skin care.  Here is a little cheat sheet of how to layer your products :: 


Maestro UV Primer  :: Squeeze a small amount onto fingertips, Blend over face, from the center outward ::

::After you Allow a few minutes for your Skin Care to penetrate into you skin...now time for makeup :: 

Eye Concealer :: Apply to lid using brush and blend.  You may also use your fingers to blend {Recommend: High Precision Retouch #3} ::

 ::always start with the eyes after applying my skincare as to allow my skincare to work into my skin and to prevent from having to reapply my foundation if I make a mess with my eye shadow::   

Eye Tint :: For the days that you want to wear your Eye Tints... are some ideas.  Apply #22 on crease and blend using your fingers.  If you feel like it is a little tough to blend, use a brush to blend.  Apply #11 Rosegold in a half moon shape to lid and blend crease.  Remember you can layer, mix or wear it alone.  The whole idea is to keep it easy and simple. {Recommend :: Eye Tint #11 and #22} :: 

Mascara :: Apply your favorite mascara by slightly tilting your head back and twirl the brush by twisting your wrist.  This is help separate your lashes and equally dispense the product.  Follow throw with a clean spool if you would like to brush out any clumps. { Recommend Eyes to Kill Classico Mascara} ::  

Luminous Silk Foundation :: Apply with brush.  Make sure to blend into skin. :: 

Concealer and Corrector :: Follow this video to apply your favorite concealer and your Master Corrector #1.  {Recommend High Precision Retouch #3} ::  

Powder :: Using large powder brush, lightly apply your powder all over your face to set your foundation. The secret to looking nice and light is to apply using a really soft fluffy brush. {Recommend Luminous Silk Compact #4}::

Bronzer :: Using large powder brush, lightly apply your Bronzer #400 to face in the shape of a "3" and "E".  The secret is to good bronzer is building the coverage. Use video below as a guide on application. :: 


Blush :: Apply your favorite blush  lightly to the apples of your cheek and work the product into a natural flush.Make sure to use a good fluffy blush brush.  {Recommend Cheek Fabric #306} :: 

High Precision Eye Brow Pencil :: Use the video below as a guide on how to shape your brow.  I am using the Eye and Brow Maestro, but the technique is still the same, if you use an eye brow pencil {Recommend High Precision Pencil #2} ::   

Finish your look by applying your favorite lipstick color!  Don't forget to apply your lipstick first and follow with your lip pencil.  It will give the appearance of fuller more defined lips.  {Recommend Rouge Ecstasy Boudoir and Lip Pencil #4} 

Ok, I hope that helps.   Please let me know if there are any questions you may have.  I have had the best time with you!  Thank you for being so awesome and letting me play!  


The Armani Team Saks Fifth Ave