Hi Lyssa. I wanted to thank you for stopping by the Giorgio Armani counter.  Here is a quick guide to help you achieve the perfect night look we created last night. I hope this helps and of course, please let me know if you have any questions.  

Skin Care

Acqua Pantelleria :: Gently pat a few pumps into skin, this will help hydrate skin AND bring your serum benefits deeper into the dermis layers.  Apply the rest of your skin care on.  :: 


:: Allow a few minutes for your Skin Care to penetrate into you skin,       now time for makeup :: 


Concealer :: Apply to your eye lid using brush and blend.  You may also use your fingers to blend ::

Eye Shadow  :: 

Apply the light crease color through crease using your blending brush.  Bring this color all the way through the crease.  

Next, use the darker crease color and carefully apply in crease using the flatter brush and tapping color on from the outer corner to the middle of crease. Follow by blending with your blending brush.  

Grab that pretty blue pencil and apply on your lid in a half moon shape.  Blend color close to crease using your finger or the flat shadow brush.  

Now, tap a small amount of the goldish color using your flat brush on the lid, but not the crease and blend lightly using your blending brush. Reapply the blue pencil to the lash line to give it a little more pop.  

On the outer corner of the eye, apply the tiniest amount of a dark brown or light black shadow in the shape of a v.  Carefully blend as to not bring the color too far into the lid.

Use your black pencil and tilt your head back and pull up on your lid, controlling the ability to blink, carefully pencil  the water line under your lashes.  It's ok to take your time on this until you get used to this (yay for tight lining!).  Also lightly add to the bottom water line.  If you smudge it a little under the eyes, its ok, just use a q-tip and makeup remover to clean up.  ::  

Mascara :: Apply mascara generously to lashes, using the twirling motion.  While lashes are still wet, use the clean mascara wand I gave you to brush and separate your lashes. :: 


Primer  :: Squeeze a small amount onto fingertips, Blend over face, from the center outward ::

Luminous Silk Foundation :: Apply a pump or a pump and a half using your Shisheido brush.  Take the time to blend it beautifully into your skin.  Add a little extra foundation to the areas that need more coverage.  :: 

Concealer :: Apply your concealer under your eyes and blend using the small pointed foundation brush. You can also apply a little concealer to the top of your nose, cupids bow and on any blemishes.  Blend, blend, blend! ::  

Powder & Blush:: Using your big fluffy brush apply your powder all over your face.  Follow with  your blush and in the shape of a v bring down through your apple and up through your cheek bone. Don't be afraid to go a little heavier on your blush for this occasion, especially if there are going to be lots of pics.  ::

:: At this point, you can add the dark eye shadow to the bottom lashes.  It's important to do this light handily because you want it to look smokey and subtle. :: 

Fluid Sheer #14 :: Time to highlight.  Pump a small amount on your ring finger and rub onto your other ring finger. Smile and apply to the top of the cheek bone and blend it in by tapping.  Also apply to the cupids bow and the top of your nose.  You can apply more then we did yesterday, if you wanted it to pop, but make sure that it is not wet and blends in.  ::

 Where to place your Fluid Sheer

Where to place your Fluid Sheer


Lips :: Apply your #600 Rouge d'Armani to lips.  Follow using your Nightmoth pencil cleaning up the line and giving the appearance of an ombre.  You can always clean up using your concealer if you feel like its not a crisp line.  ::

There you have it!  I think that is all the steps we did last night.  I really hope I didn't miss anything. Here is a list of recommendations that I think as you start running out of your products that we can add to your makeup wardrobe.

  • Acqua Pantelleria
  • High Precision Retouch Concealer #4.5
  • #8 Single Eye Shadow 
  • #1 Eye Brow Pencil 
  • Classico Mascara
  • Fluid Master Primer 

Ok, I hope that helps!  Please let me know if there are any questions you may have by texting me at 703-946-7170. Have so much fun tonight.    


Mimi & Carri