Red Lips and Bowties

An oldie but goodie I love is wearing menswear inspired clothing.  Simple, clean, classic and powerful is what I feel as I button up my crisp white shirt and bow tie.  Hollywood and the fashion industry have been obsessed with walking this line since Coco Chanel wore sailor trousers to the beaches of France in an act of modesty which led to changing the course of fashion.  From the classics of Bette Davis to Diane Keaton:  


To the bad of it.  Yes, this includes all of 1980-90's.  


Menswear will continue to grace the streets of fashion.  So,  if you are feeling like taking a stroll in this look, try these great tips from me and Kris to incorporate this sleekness into your everyday look.  

Here are some easy classic tips from Kris Arushanov, Tom Ford Specialist at Neiman Marcus Bellevue(oh, and her Instagram is awesome @Seattlemens_Selects): 

1.  Take a staple feminine piece like a red lipstick or classic black pump, and mix with staple mens piece like a bow tie or pocket square. 

2.  Stick to a maximum of 3 mens pieces. Too many pieces and you are just wearing menswear.  

3.  Find a balance. For example, try a structured blazer with a pretty mini skirt.  Or trouser pants with a fitted shirt.  

4.  Start with finding a style icon or era to draw inspiration.  James Dean, James bond and the 1960's are my personal favorite. 

Need some more tips, try some of my handy dandy tips: 

1.  Mens accessories are a great way to wear an oversized statement piece. Start with a watch or an oversized mens hat, Tiller hats are my favorite.  

2.  I love wearing a mens blazer thrown over my shoulders.  Think its a little much, try tossing your hubbies jean jacket over your shoulders and work your way into a blazer.  

3.  If you have a big giant head like I do, try on some great mens sunglasses.  I also wear mens eyeglasses.  They fit my big head perfectly.  

4.  Keep it simple.  I believe that is true in all forms of fashion.  Always look at your look with an editorial eye.  Like Kris says, keep it to a couple of pieces.  Just so that you get an idea of a look! 

5.  A mens white button up shirt is the epitome of clean fashion.  Pair it with leather pants and chelsea boots.  Pop the collar and top knot.  Or, button up all the way with a big bulky necklace. 

6.  Try a mens fragrance.  Some of my favorites are Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Creed Himalya and the new Dior Savage.  



Need more inspiration, check out these amazing looks.  Have a some tips you love, share with us in the comments. Wearing something menswearish, tag us at #mimibloves !