Aging with Style

Who else feels confused when it comes to aging and still having style?  Hopefully, I am not the only one out there feeling this way.  I have reached an age where I have started asking myself... Mimi, am I too old for this shirt?  Sometimes the answer is no AND sometimes it is yes.

Here is an expensive lesson I had to learn.  Yes that is a tiger hat that cost me over $100 and yes, I am indeed too old to wear that. 


How do yo know you are too old to wear something, well in the case of the hat, I actually felt embarrassed to wear it because I felt too old.  What 30-something rocks a tiger hat, as it turns out, not me. So, here I stand the Goldilocks of style, looking for something not too old and not too young, but just right.  

As I have meandered my way through figuring out what an adult dresses like, I have some great tips to help you find your signature style. 

1.  Keywords.  Write down some keyword that describe that look you want.  Here are some of mine: 

2.  Style Inspiration Board.  Now that you have an idea of the style you want to have, start a Pinterest board with looks and people who inspire you.  Mine is called Forever Carrie, yes Carrie Bradshaw is my personal style icon.  

3.  Clean Out Your Closet.  Set a day aside to do this.  Grab a friend if you need someone to keep you on track.  Purge yourself of anything that does not fit your new look.  Now really, do you need that dress that doesn't fit you from 2006?  The answer is NO!  This is also were your good buddy can help.  Three questions you or she should ask you when you are iffy... 

Do you NEED it?

Do you LOVE it?

Have you worn it in the last 6 months?

If you answer NO to any of these questions, TOSS it! 

4.  Shopping List.  Now that you know what you need, make a simple organized shopping list.  Make sure you have plenty of basic pieces.  I call these my buffer pieces, they can really bring an outfit together.  Once you have finalized your list, try not to add to it. 

5.  Give Yourself a Budget.  A small budget doesn't mean you can't get the good stuff.  Helllllo, there are plenty of great items at thrift stores and on clearance.  

6.  Go Shopping! And by, go shopping, I mean take your time finding the perfect pieces to add to your newly carefully curated wardrobe.  Don't go out and do it all in one day.  Shop piece by piece.  Binge shopping usually ends with me getting a bunch of crap.  Trust me, you will be way happier taking the time find the perfect piece. 

7.  Mix and Match.  Don't be afraid of playing with different combinations.  That's when you really work on editing your style.  When I love a look, I usually take a pic of it so I don't forget. There are some really great apps that help organize your looks.  My personal favorite is Closetspace.  

And finally... 

8.  Wear it with Confidence! Once you have gotten through all the other steps, this is the final step to being beautiful and classically put together.  

If you still need help in finding your personal voice in clothing, stylist are a great resource. Sometimes they even offer at home and virtual sessions and do all the hard work for you.  Or ask a friend who has great style, I'd bet she would be happy to help you with some shopping!  

I hope this helps those out there feeling fashionably helpless.  I can't wait to see your favorite outfits, so tag me!  #mimibloves