Sunday Funday with the Hubs

It's rare that me and the hubs ever get a day off together, so when we do, we try to make the most of it. On these days, I like to keep it pretty casual because the work week tires me out with the fancy clothes.  Now, I am a strong believer that a casual look does not include yoga pants ever, unless you are actually going to yoga.  Instead I try to opt for simple and classic, like this outfit I wore today.  

It was perfect for an afternoon of shopping followed by a trip to the cutest little bakery, Fresh Flours in White Center. Here is my handsome hubs being too serious! 

Let's all enjoy this wonderful weather looking fabulous and chic! Tell me what your favorite thing to do on your days off are? 

JACKET: Target

TOP: Target

SHOES: Matisse

PANTS: City Chic