Denim Days

There is an ongoing joke from my college days about my love for denim (Rob Johnson). Back in the day, I would wear denim on denim on denim on denim. *Please note that denim on denim is ok, denim on denim on denim is not. 

See, so much denim. 


Then the following years after college, I stopped wearing my favorite blue jeans, then tapered off wearing my jean jackets and so on. I am not sure if it was because I had lost an enormous amount of weight and couldn't find the right fit or because I was more comfortable wearing stretchy, but the love affair with denim was put on hold.  

This summer I decided to figure out a way to wear denim that is chic, sophisticated and still comfortable.  And what did I find... a new love affair, chambray, grown up denim!  

So what is chambray... 

A chambray is a plain weave fabric woven with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Like chambray, denim is made with a colored yarn in the warp and white in the weft, but is woven in a twill construction.

Essentially, its kind of the same, except how its woven.  The hand though, is so much softer. The colors are usually a bit more muted. 

With my new obsession for chambray and my old love denim, here are some of my favorite ways to wear both!  

What's your favorite denim or chambray piece?  Share your tips and tricks to wearing denim in the comments below.