Correct & Conceal: Under Eye

Meet my favorite secret tool:  Master Corrector #2

Don't be scared.  This corrector will be your best friend for combating dark circles, dark spots and masking signs of fatigue.  What does it do? Peachy correctors brighten the under eye area by countering/ neutralizing any blues, purple, or green undertones.  It also gives dull olive tones beautiful radiance. What is the difference between a concealer and a corrector?  A corrector will neutralize and a concealer will cover up imperfections. Do I really need to use both?  Well, if you have dark spot and circles, then yes.  If your concealer doesn't make the circles disappear, then you need to neutralize!  

Now here is what you need to do this at home. 

How to Correct & Conceal: 

Step 1: Put a little bit of eye cream in the middle of your under eye.  This not only makes the texture of the concealer and corrector lighter, its also extra treatment and who doesn't need that!  

Step 2: Using your corrector, make three little stripes in the inner corner of the eye.  Discoloration is usually located in the inner corner, so that is where we put our corrector.  

Step 3: Time for your concealer. Swipe three little stripes in the outer corner of your eye.  This is going to help brighten and highlight and also helps blend and soften some of that peachy color. 

Step 4: Now blend together using your concealer brush or ring finger.  


Here's a quick video...

Now time to master your Master Corrector.  I hope this tutorial helps you on your journey to looking bright eyed.  If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.  Don't have a Master Corrector but want to order a corrector of your own? Send me a message on my contact page.