In all my years of being a makeup artist, a step that most miss, which also happens to be one of the most important:  PRIMER.  Yes, it's one more thing to do in your already busy morning, but it's one step that will help your makeup last and look amazing all day.  

Primer fills in fine lines and pores, giving you the perfect canvas to put foundation over. On skin alone, it gives the appearance of soft focus to the skin, but primer under your foundation makes skin appear smoother and fine lines appear reduced.   It also helps your foundation last longer by giving it something to hold onto. That means less having to check the mirror to see if you need to powder your nose.  

Master fluid primer is my everyday primer.  It has a beautiful silky texture and super easy to apply.


 Follow these simple steps to apply your primer after your morning skin care routine:  

Step 1: Squeeze a pea sized amount to your finger tips. 

Step 2: Apply to skin using finger tips like you would serum.  Starting in the middle of the face and feathering it out. 

Skin should feel silky and not slippery.  If you feel like it is slippery, then use your foundation brush to buff into the skin.   

Step 3:  Follow with foundation. 

That's all folks.  One easy step that will make your life so much easier and also make your makeup look flawless.  Primer can also be used in different ways, not just under your makeup.  What is your favorite primer tip?