Summer is almost here and its time to get bronzed.  Bronzers can be a little tricky.  Too much bronzer and you look orange.  Not enough and well, it's not enough bronzer.  Here are some of my favorite bronzers and tools to get that perfect bronzed look! 

Let's start with textures.  Bronzers come in different textures, today I focus on three of my most used; the standard powder bronzer, liquid (detailed post to follow) and a mousse.  Most of us own at least a powder bronzer.  Some powders come in matte while others have a nice shimmer finish.  I have at least 10 difference colors in my makeup arsenal but the two powders I use the most are my #400 Sun Fabric from Armani and my Terra Cotta 4 Seasons in Brunette, here's a pic of them! 


Powder bronzers vary in pigment but compared to the other textures, I find this is the easiest to apply. Great for the lightest to the darkest skin tones.  Consider this, bronzer for beginners.  

Recently I got my hands on a moussey bronzer from Chanel called Soleil Tan de Chanel.  This beautiful velvety finish bronzer is the perfect cross between a powder and a liquid.  It has a softer pigment then my powder or my liquid and takes a few layers to build.  I love this especially on lighter skin tones.  

My favorite bronzer by far is Giorgio Armani Maestro Liquid Summer SPF 15.  Imagine if you will, sun in a bottle.  Liquid bronzer is a bit trickier to use, but gosh it has the prettiest finish.  There are several ways to apply this, adding it to your foundation, applying with your fingertips, but my favorite application trick is to apply a few drops in the palm of your hand and lightly swirl product with a large blush brush and apply where the sun would naturally hit your skin.  

Now that you have figured out which bronzer works best for you, let's talk about tools.  I would like to start by saying, if you are using a kabuki brush, please go ahead and set it down.  This is NOT your friend for bronzing.  

 Example of a heavy badly blended bronzer. 

Example of a heavy badly blended bronzer. 

You want to use your trusty ol' fluffy blush or powder brush.  The fluffier the brush, the less pigment gets on your skin.  Bronzing is about blending and building.  If you need a little more pigment then, go ahead and use a more dense fluffy brush and build from there.   Always, and I mean always, blend.   

With brush and bronzer in hand, go ahead and check out this video on application.   It's easier then you think. 

Ready to rock your bronze? I think so!  Need the Maestro in your life, then drop me a comment to try your sample today.  As always, thanks for reading and don't forget to #MimiBanasik your bronzed looks on Instagram.