Concealer: Tips & Tricks

Concealer is one of my favorite makeup gems.  I look at my concealer like an eraser.  Have a blemish... Conceal it!  Is your natural lip color too dark... Conceal it! Concealers come in different formulas, like a stick for those that need a little heavier coverage (Cle de Peau makes the best).  Or in a pod for the really really heavy duty days (check out Laura Mercier).  Or my personal favorite Armani High Precision Retouch #3 (the perfect concealer). Once you have found your perfect fit, try some of these tips and tricks to up your concealer game at home! 

  • Use on lips before applying lip color.  This will helps neutralize darker natural lip tone and enhances the lipstick color.  
  • Mix with eye cream for a lighter texture.  Don't forget to always pat gently with your ring finger.  
  • Need a little more coverage to your foundation, mix a little bit of your concealer with your foundation.  
  • Use as an eyeshadow primer or put on your eyebrow to lighten your eyebrows.  
  • Use to clean up after applying your lip stick or eyebrows. Best to use a concealer brush to get that perfect clean line.  
  • If you have a concealer that is too light, use it as a hilighter!  
  • Want the perfect cat eye?  Use your concealer to clean up the wing tip and extend the line. 
  • Apply a lighter shade and blend, to the Nasolabial and Marionette fold to help dimish the look of sagging. 

Just in case you were wondering what a Nasolabial or Marionette fold was.

Take your concealer and go forth.  If you have a great tip or trick you want to share, leave a comment and I will add it to this post.  Share your perfectly concealed look at #mimibloves on any social media.