The #400

My love affair with Giorgio Armani #400 started in 2008 with the launch of Rouge d'Armani.  It was the first red I didn't have to question.  It looked good with any makeup look I was doing that day, or any outfit I was wearing.  It took 96 tries for Mr. Armani to approve this shade... gosh, 96 tries to perfect the most amazing red.  I used to feel a little like Goldie Locks always looking for something, not too blue, not too orange... but #400 was/is JUST RIGHT.    Here are some images of said love affair.  

Since the launch of #400 Rouge d'Armani, it has also been expanded to different formulas, including Rouge Ecstasy (creamy finish with lip care), Flash Lacquer (beautiful glossy finish with medium pigment), Sheer (not quite lipstick, not quite lip gloss) and my favorite, Maestro (matte full pigment and long lasting).  

So many finishes, but one classic color for the timeless chic in all of us.  So thank you Mr. Armani for making one less thing to think about.. yes, the perfect red.  Now enjoy my favorite lipstick video of all time.