How to Use Your Sample Packets

If you are reading this, then most likely, you have received an Armani goodie package from me!  I just want to start by thanking you.  It has become my personal mission to share my love of all things Armani with others.  I am so lucky to work for the only Couture Makeup Artistry line in the world! So again, thank you for taking the time to learn about Giorgio Armani Cosmetics.  

Let's get down to the good stuff, what's in your goodie bag.  Each package should have some or all of the following items: 

-Skin care: Crema Nera Eye Serum, Crema Nera Serum Regenessence Serum. 

- Fluid Master Primer 

- Foundation: Luminous Silk (Lum or LS) Lasting Silk (Last), Designer 

-Fluid Sheer (FS) 

-Fragrance: Si, Esseneza, Armani Code

-Concealer: High Precision Retouch, Maestro Eraser 

Some of these came in packets, some in little white tubs.  You will find the shade number on the back of the packet or on the bottom of the white tub.  So, you are probably wondering, how do I use these?  What shade of foundation is right for me?  No worries, its easy! 

Step 1:  Care- use the skin care to prep your skin and help fight the daily elements our skin faces everyday.  I can't emphasize how important skin care is.  Its easy to look flawless when  your skin is moist, plump and smooth. 

Step 2: Prep- Fluid Master Primer fills in the lines and pores.  It gives you the perfect canvas for your foundation.  The Fluid Master Primer gives the skin a soft focus blur and helps your foundation last longer.  

Step 3: Foundation-   This is probably the toughest step because now we have to find the perfect shade.  Each package should have several shades of foundation, perhaps, even different foundation formulas.  Here is a break down of each different foundation to see which would work best for you. 

Luminous Silk Foundation- Our best selling foundation.  Luminous, radiant, weightless, layerable finish.  #5.5 is the mid color.  If you are close to my skin tone... use that as a starting point. 

Lasting Silk Foundation- Matte, long lasting foundation.  For those ladies who love a beautiful matte finish.  I find that this one foundation may oxidize depending on your skin's chemistry.  So when swiping a shade, let it set for a minute before deciding on a shade. 

Designer Foundation- Full Coverage with treatment.  This is great for mature skin OR if you love full coverage.  

I suggest that you try all the different formulas, because each is truly beautiful and so different.  And who said a girl only needs one kind of foundation? Not I! Here is a little pic showing where to swipe.  

Things to keep in mind are undertone (pink, yellow/beige) andshade (too light, too dark).  Swipe more then one color, swipe at least 3 shades.  Once you find a shade that you love, its time to apply to whole face.  

Step 4: Highlight.  Fluid sheer is fun.  It can be used as a highlight like so. 

Fluid Sheer can also be mixed into your foundation to add more luminosity.  It can be worn under foundation.  There are no rules, just have fun with it! 

That is the basic Armani Glow steps.  It's that easy to look flawless and radiant!  

Now, go forth and play with all the items including the concealers and fragrances.  If you still need some help, no worries, I am available on FaceTime or Skype to help figure out your best fit or just to play with some looks!  If you love anything, don't forget, I ship for free and have a great gift with purchase available!  


Again, thank you, and let me know what you think!