Controlling the Brow

As I have gotten older, I have noticed a strange thing happening with my eye brows, they are thinning.  How is it that I spent most of my life tweezing the-out-of-control-unibrow located above my eyes to now praying and wishing for them to fill in to their former caterpillar glory!  In my years of doing makeup and learning from others, there are two things that I have learned when it comes to brows: #1 Put the tweezers down!  Keep them full and pretty.  #2 Throw away your eye brow pencil!  The daily rubbing of your pencil on your brows, stresses out the hair follicle and causes it not to grow back.  

When filling in your brows, its best to use powder or a wax base product and a brush.  I personally use the Eye & Brow Maestro from Armani.  Here's a little video to tell you about all the wonderful things you can use it for: 

Kinda super neato, right? It doesn't matter what color your hair is, there is a color made for you!  Wedgewood #2, is the color I use and love.