Last week I was lucky to attend an Estee Lauder training for all their new spring beauty.  Now, let me start by saying, Estee Lauder is NOT your grandmother's makeup anymore. They are launching fresh young colors and HELLO, Kendall Jenner is the face of Lauder!  In the world of cosmetics, Estee Lauder was, in my opinion, the first lady of cosmetics.  Estee changed the world of cosmetics with her business savvy and understanding of women and what they wanted or needed.  Oh, and she was the first to offer a Gift with Purchase, you know we all love those extra goodies!  Now, let's get this *haul started and see if that tradition lives on.

1.  Advanced Night Repair-  I have been using ANR since my days at Estee years ago.  I don't use it every night but I do when I remember that its in my medicine cabinet.  The bottle is brown and boring, but don't be fooled, it is what is inside that matters.  It has a sweetish tangy smell that disappears after application.  The texture is smooth and does not leave a tacky residue.  Just tap some of the product on your finger tips and apply to face and throat. ANR leaves my skin hydrated, smooth and as I read more about it, I found out that it is also repairing and purifying my skin while I sleep!  My favorite ANR tip is to mix it with your foundation, like my Luminous Silk foundation and apply.  It leaves the skin looking airbrushed and hydrated. Or don't be afraid to pop it on over your cheekbone after foundation for a hydrated highlighted look. •I love it and so should you! •  

2. New Dimension Firm + Fill Eye System- Ok, I was a bit skeptical.  My eye area is my least favorite part of my face right now.  Every morning I wake up there is a new little line that has made a home on my face.  So, when I hear that there is something that is going to help smooth these lines away, I get so excited, mostly to be let down.  This is a two step system.  Step 1:  Firm, use AM and PM.  When applied there is a light fragrance that is pleasant and very Estee Lauder.  After application there is a light tingling cooling feeling.  Once it has penetrated the skin, you are supposed to follow with Step 2: Fill.  When applying the fill step, only a pin size amount should be used and it should be rolled under the eye.  Now, at first use, it felt matte. When I tried to apply my concealer, it compromised the integrity of my High Precision Retouch.  I didn't want to give up, I knew there was a way to wear it that was going to rock my world.  So, I switched it up.   The next day I used Step 1 normally, then followed with my concealer and finished with Step 2.  And guess what.... it was perfect!  My under eye looked smooth and helped keep my concealer on longer! This will definitely become a part of my makeup routine. • Did my own thing and loved it!• 

3. Aerin Rose de Grasse Eau de Parfum- Ok, I have to be honest, I have loved this fragrance since it came out last year.  I received this because I volunteered and they gave me my favorite Aerin fragrance.  Rose de Grasse is a Rose with musky and watery freshness.  I feel beautiful and sexy when I wear this.  It's a rose that is NOT your grandmas rose.  The packaging is also dreamy, it like a vacation in a bottle.  I think I am going to mist myself with it right now and dream of touring the gardens of France. • Mimi approved•

4. Mediterranean Honeysuckle-  I have noticed that honeysuckle is making a comeback in the world of fragrance and it looks like Aerin has jumped on the honeysuckle train.  Mediterranean Honeysuckle is a sweet floral with bergamot, Lily of the Valley, honeysuckle, gardenia along with other lush floral notes.  Matt loved this on me, making me feel sexy.  It is a great fragrance for those floral sweet lovers out there.  •Matt approved•

5. Sumptuous Knockout Mascara-  Who doesn't love trying a new mascara... you better believe that this girl does! Those who love love love volume, this is might not be the perfect fit. Sumptuous gives great separation, a real fanning effect, so if you have naturally good eyelashes and just need a little something, this is a great choice.  I will use it on the days I want a more natural eye.  •Nice and natural looking•



This is Stacey and she is THE go-to Estee gal.  She knows every tip and trick when it comes to Lauder, and well makeup in general.  Follow her Facebook and get inspired by her cute videos and pictures.  Oh, and did I mention she also happens to be an amazing singer and performer. 



So, there you have it, my Estee Lauder Haul!  If you have any questions about any of the products or maybe even products I didn't review, leave a comment below.  Want to try something, hop on Stacey's page and send her a message to get your personal Estee Lauder sample package.  

As always, thank for reading.