My Signature Look using Eye Palette #6

As a working makeup artist, I find that I have a go-to look that I can throw on quickly on those days that I am running behind.  Today I share such look using my favorite Giorgio Armani Eye Palette (of the moment), Eyes to Kill Palette #6.  I also share the minimal steps to get this look, skipping highlighting, heavy contouring and baking.  Need a fresh classic look, grab your products and try this look! 

Face Prep: 

1.  Prima Balm-  Apply small amount to entire face with finger tips.  

2. Prima Day-ong Skin Perfector- Apply in T-zone or any other oily spot. 


3.  Maestro Eye Concealer- Apply to lid using brush and blend.  You may also use your fingers to blend. 

4. Kevyn Aucoin Hint of Peach Eye Shadow- Apply using a fluffy brush from crease to brow bone.  Making sure to blend the color smoothly.  

5.  Blush #100- Apply to the crease using the pointed crease brush through out the crease.  Blend using your blending brush.  Blend using the white tip brush angled brush. 

6. .  Armani Eye Shadow Palette #6- Apply C using crease brush from the middle of the crease to the outer corner.  Use angled crease brush to blend.  Using the angled crease brush apply D in the outer corner of the eye and blend, keeping the color only on the outer corner.  Apply A or B using a flat brush (Jean Juarez brush) to the lid and only blend using the blending brush to any color close to the crease, leaving the pigment closest to the lash line with out blending.  This is my basic day time look.  If you would like to kick it up a little add a small line with the pointed crease brush from the out corner of the eye to the outer corner crease and blend in.  This will give the appearance of a subtle smokey. 



7. Fluid Master Primer- Apply small amount all over face using finger tips. 

8. Luminous Silk #5.5- Apply a pump or a pump and a half to face using foundation brush.  Buff into skin using small circle movements. 

9. Maestro Concealer- Apply with ring finger under eye in the shape of a "v", on tip of nose and chin, on cupid's bow, and in between eye brows and above brow bone (follow image below). 

10.  Luminous Silk Powder #5- Apply with large powder brush. 

11.  Bronzer- Using large powder brush, lightly apply to face in the shape of a "3" and "E".  The secret is to good bronzer is building the coverage.   

12.  Blush- SMILE! And apply to the apple of your cheeks in downward stroke.  Follow through cheek bone to ear. 

13.  Rouge Ecstasy Milano- Apply to lips and press them together. 

14.  Lip Pencil- Clean up lines with your lip pencil.  This will also give the appearance of fuller lips with out compromising your lip stick color by adding slight dimension. 

15. Eye Brow Pencil- Last Step is brows.  Don't be afraid of playing with the shape.  Brows make such a difference in the look!