Online Shopping

I want to get real for just one second.  There has been a change in retail and it's called online shopping.  We all do it, hop online and order lightbulbs because we don't feel like driving to the store. Amazon is my favorite time waster. I can spend hours looking at random things I don't need, but I want (my wishlist is legit).  Companies have made it too easy to shop with out ever leaving our home.  I get it! But what we don't see is how it affects people who work retail.  There are physically less shoppers in the stores these days.   And let me tell you, it feels scary.  

I guess what I don't get is, how does someone order makeup or purchase (very expensive) luxury shoes online? I understand if you are replenishing, you know what works and you need more of it.  But what about the person who helped you find the perfect shade of foundation or the perfect pump? The person who spent hours with you, sends you thank you cards and sample packages... You know, someone like me.  

I think it is so important to put it on your skin, see how it looks and if it's the best for your wardrobe. Being in retail is a career, we choose to become experts in our field.  We spend hours studying, practicing, seeing what works, what doesn't.  The same way a hair dresser, a lawyer or a doctor does.  I take pride in being an expert in my field.  I have worked really hard on my craft.  

Please consider that next time you order your makeup online, that there is a group of lovely people who can help you find the perfect product.  Come on in and have a seat with us... I promise you will walk away happy and informed.