Finding The Right Cleanser

by Shelby Vermillion 

Oh so many to choose from!  But how do you decide? With many people it comes down to texture.  Some prefer foam, whereas others prefer a lotion or oil.  What if you could find the best cleanser for your skin type though?  And maybe even get one with a texture that you love. 

As a basic rule of thumb, acne-prone or oily skin types are better suited for foam or gel cleansers. Try to look for ones that aren’t going to be too stripping or full of sulfates, which are harsh detergents. Yes, we want to keep the oil at bay, but if we dry out the skin too much there will be even more problems to come. 

I have oily skin (which I have come to love) but sensitive skin as well. Anything too strong or active and my skin starts to turn red and becomes irritated.   Other people with oily skin types have discussed this frustration with me as well. One of the things I have found that works the best is to have more than one cleanser. Yes more than one!  How fun is that?  You can use one in the morning and then a different one at night. I typically do a gel in the AM to keep me less oily throughout the day and then use a cleansing lotion at night because they really do a good job at removing all the dirt, grime and make up from the day.  Plus, I get to give my skin a break from the active gel cleanser.  This seems to have really striked a balance with my skin, and I love it. On days where I feel more oily, I’ll use the gel twice a day and if I’m dry or irritated, I will skip the gel cleanser and use the lotion both morning and night.  Every day you can customize your regimen to suit your skin’s needs.

If you wear a lot of make up or have very dry skin, you can use an oil cleanser or a cream cleanser, which is thicker than a lotion cleanser.  Some cleansers even have conditioning properties to soothe dry or irritated skin, while others have exfoliants to encourage cell turnover on a regular basis.  I promise once you find the right one, you’ll see a world of difference in your skin!

Mimi says... Sometimes the best way to find the perfect fit to to just try lots of different ones!  If you are in need of a new cleanser, let me know!  I will send you a personalized care package filled with different textures.