Serums: What's the point?

By Shelby Vermillion

Serums are powerful, targeted treatments for your skin.  I always start a consultation by asking people what their main priority or focus is when it comes to their face. Most times, this is where a serum can really help.   For instance, if someone is concerned with redness or large pores, there is a serum for that. If someone is concerned with sagging or fine lines, there is a serum specifically targeted for those concerns. You’ll get faster results from your skincare when including a serum in your regimen.

Another way of putting it is that I describe serums as vitamins. You take your vitamins on a daily basis to give you complete nutrition.  They’re not your food that you have to have for survival, but they are that extra boost you give yourself for your most optimal state.   This is how a serum works with the rest of your skin care.   It is your vitamin that you are taking, to give you that complete care and peak the results of your skincare.  

Disclaimer: people ask me all the time if they can just skip their moisturizer since serums are the most concentrated and active.  The answer is yes and no... but mostly no.  There are some exceptions out there that can provide enough moisture for the skin and it also depends on the skin type. In general though, serums go down to the deeper layers where most concerns start.  This is a good thing, but usually not enough of a lipid barrier for all of your skin. Your moisturizer on the other hand is going to be more near the surface layers, sealing in all of the moisture and making a protective seal.

(When someone comes to me and they don’t really have any skin care, I always start with the basics, which includes a cleanser and moisturizer. Then I prioritize the serum as it will work as effectively unless you have your foundational pieces already in place). 

Back to serums:  all in all serums are an excellent way to jumpstart your skin and get fast results. Don't know which serum will work best for your skin and skin routine, leave a comment and we will help you find the perfect fit!